Our pharmaceutical products focus on emerging technologies and issues within drug development, clinical trials and pharmaceutical law.


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e-Clinical Trials
13 – 14 May 2009
London, UK.

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World Pharmaceutical Frontiers
World Pharmaceutical Frontiers is the premier information source for the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, with reliable and accurate intelligence on emerging trends and breakthrough technologies. Published twice a year.


Drug Development Technology
Covering the range of chemicals, equipment, materials and management solutions associated with the drug development industry, this site showcases key suppliers and projects within the industry.

Pharmaceutical Technology
Alongside coverage of pharmaceutical projects in production and under development, this site offers details of relevant suppliers of chemicals, equipment and services.


Pharma Packaging and Labelling
This event is the place to be if you want to keep up with the latest industry developments and to network with an international audience of fellow packaging and labelling professionals.

E-Clinical Trials
Hear case studies from peers and competitors on how utilising the ever-growing range of technologies, known as e-clinical systems, makes the management of clinical trials much more efficient.

Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management
This event focuses on the important issues involved in the preparation of risk-management plans under new regulatory guidelines, as well as examining concerns relating to electronic reporting, minimising risks and designing post-marketing studies.

Total Market Forecasting USA
Total Market Forecasting USA addresses the growing need for forecasting in the US, drawing on insights from North American companies.

Pharma Law
Explore the implications of recent rulings and initiatives taken by the European Commission and the EU and how to comply with them.

Clinical Trial Supply USA
The event will introduce new clinical-supply professionals to the full scope of their responsibilities and upgrade the knowledge base of experienced clinical-supply professionals with new technologies and processes.

Competitive Intelligence in Pharma
Competitive intelligence is an effective vehicle for pharmaceutical companies to enhance strategic decision-making and planning in this tough environment.

Clinical Trial Supply Europe
This event greatly benefits clinical supply professionals by upgrading their knowledge base with the latest technologies, business and technical processes, regulatory interpretations and experiences from their peers and competitors throughout the pharmaceutical sector.

Total Market Forecasting
Different techniques and models such as scenario management, competition modelling, retention modelling and EPI-based forecasting will be analysed, putting delegates at the forefront of current forecasting thinking.

Portfolio Management in Pharma
Portfolio Management in Pharma will provide a platform to discuss the challenges and concerns of this increasingly important function. Through a series of presentations and interactive roundtable discussions, the unique format of this event will encourage participation between delegates and key decision-makers to focus their portfolio management strategies.

Through in-depth case studies and interactive roundtable discussions, the Biosimilars conference will provide a platform to discuss and debate the regulatory, analytical and technical hurdles involved in entering the Biosmilars market.

Cold Chain Distribution and Storage
The annual Cold Chain Storage and Distribution conference will provide best practice methodologies and practical advice on transportation, packaging, validation and qualification whilst encompassing effective strategies to mitigate risk.

Outsourcing Clinical Trials
Outsourcing Clinical Trials aims to bring together the experts from both pharma and biotech companies to discuss the latest developments, introduce best practices in the area and, where possible, provides strategies for making the most of the partnerships with CROs, to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the outsourced processes.